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C-keg is committed to deploying technology and software to improve the consumer experience for craft beer drinkers.  Our signature hardware which retrofits onto any beer keg tracks the location and temperature of the beer in the keg.  Monitoring is on 24/7 and immediately reports any deviation from the brewers intended conditions.  Through our software, brewers can monitor and display the location and quality history of each keg in their cooperage.  Sharing this information with fans of their brewery craft beer drinkers can now have more information than ever before. We are committed to providing craft beer lovers with a continually increasing level of awareness concerning the quality of the beer they drink.  We put the control in the hands of the brewer to tell the device how long a beer is good for and what temperature it should be stored at.  We allow the brewer to share or not share all the information provided by C-Keg.

4 April 2019