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C-Keg launching!

C-Keg Crafts a Blend of Advanced Keg Tracking and Marketing Capabilities with the C-AT1 Device and App

SEATTLE – April 27th, 2020 – Brewers looking to combine advanced keg tracking, quality control, and marketing capabilities into one streamlined system need look no further than C-Keg for the Connected Keg System with patented C-AT1 hardware. After rigorous field-testing, carried out by some of the largest production craft breweries in the Pacific Northwest and nationally, C-Keg will begin offering its Connected Keg System to a nation-wide audience of brewers and business owners.

The Connected Keg system goes beyond standard keg tracking with their C-AT1 device. This patented hardware contains a temperature sensor, a wireless transceiver, and a rechargeable battery – all housed in a ruggedized plastic case built to withstand a keg’s daily grind. The C-AT1 attaches discreetly and securely to an existing keg, whether getting splashed by the filler, jostled in transport or exposed to the heat of a keg washer. This hardware works seamlessly with C-Keg’s mobile-ready web interface and gives control to the brewer to decide what, keg-specific, information is shared with loyal followers to boost product marketing.

Advanced Asset Tracking

Keg loss while in the supply chain is estimated at a rate of 6% annually. Thanks to the wireless transceiver in the C-AT1, which actively records and transmits location data back to the device owner, breweries that use the C-Keg system see their keg loss drastically reduced or eliminated altogether.  This fully automated asset tracking means no barcodes to scan, saving time and labor costs and further maximizing efficiency.

Quality Control Monitoring

“The requirement that breweries sell their product through a blind 3rd party distribution system forces them to hand over all control of their product to distributors and retailers,” says C-Keg founder and CEO, Greg Herlin. “We provide innovative, new technology that allows brewers information and insight to the supply chain that they’ve never had before.” Monitoring is on 24/7 and immediately reports any deviation in time or temperature from the brewer’s intended conditions, giving him or her the ability to prevent suspect beer from ever hitting the taps, and the quality control insight to pinpoint when and where an existing problem is occurring or may have occurred.

Marketing Capabilities

Craft beer fans looking to find their favorite beer on tap need simply to view the map on C-Keg’s mobile-friendly website at , no account or sign-in necessary. Here, C-Keg’s certification icons show, at-a-glance, which kegs are guaranteed Fresh, Cold, Local and Independent and where to find them. This information can also be found through apps, websites, and social media feeds of brewers who are using the system.  C-Keg makes it easy for craft beer lovers to find exactly what they’re looking for: fresh, high quality beer from their favorite local brewery.

For more information about the C-Keg System and C-AT1 hardware, explore the website at or email us at

About C-Keg

Founded in 2016, C-Keg works to design, develop, manufacture and sell advanced technology products for the craft beer industry. Providing innovative tools to help connect craft brewers with their followers is at the heart of C-Keg’s mission. It’s about functionality, efficiency, and quality but most of all, it’s about the beer! Learn more at .

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