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    Beer is like liquid bread, it starts to deteriorate the moment it leaves the brewery
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Finding great Craft Beer just got way better

Info is Power

Knowing where to find hand crafted, locally produced draft beer or exactly what will be on tap until you actually walk into a place, has been incredibly time consuming and difficult…until now. Free, single click access to location based information about nearby breweries and where to find their beers on tap is now available! Fresh, Cold stored beer is the gold standard, do you know if that’s what your getting? Knowing what’s on tap + 24/7 QC monitoring of each keg dramatically improves your chances of finding a place and a beer you will truly enjoy.

How does it work? The system is powered by C-Keg’s patented signature hardware which brewers install on each keg that leaves the brewery. Once equipped, everything craft beer drinkers and brewers need to know about the beer in the keg becomes accessible. Everyone can see the exact location of the keg, there’s also clickable link to the brewers website for detailed accurate descriptions of the beer (no more counting on a servers description). We monitor each keg 24/7 & Certify each individual keg when its Fresh, Cold Stored, Local and meets the Brewers Association criteria for Independently produced. You can even view the actual temp history of each keg since kegging with a single click. There is no experience like knowing everything about the beer your going to enjoy next.

C-Kegs Craft Beer Map is where this info lives, it’s free and available right now, no app or account required. It shows all the C-Keg equipped kegs around you or you can select a single breweries kegs only. Check it out then let your favorite brewery know you would be interested in finding and supporting their beers on the map! They can try a C-Keg for free anytime. As a thank you for getting in touch and suggesting a brewery you’d like to see on the map we’ll list that brewery on our map for free (pending their permission of course)!

ps: Please be patient with us we’re signing up breweries as fast as we can but sometimes there’s none available around you yet so the map can be a bit bare.

When it comes to great craft beer, what matters?

Tasty, Fresh Beer


C-Keg ensures freshness by tracking the "kegged on" date…


Storage conditions can have a major impact on flavor. …


Craft Beer Consumers love to find local beers! The…


Craft Beer Drinkers want independently produced beer's. Unfortunately, it…

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